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Be sure to have a listen to a recording and read my story about the Whistling Water Vessels at the bottom of this page.

Have a listen to this Whistling Water Vessel in a multi track recording I created.

My Story:

I was inspired to create Whistling Water Vessels after having dreams about them. Still, to this day, I am captivated by how they work and sound. It takes all of the Earths elements to create the piece, Earth, Fire, Air and Water. After the piece is made with whistles built into the form, water is added. When the piece is rocked and blown into, air forces over the whistles activating them creating a variety of sounds. The piece is now alive reflecting animism. Many Central and South American cultures were animistic, believing that everything is of the same spirit and that it exists in all things. The Whistling Water Vessels are inanimate objects in one sense, yet reflect animism in another. The sounds produced by whistling water vessels have the ability to enhance/shift consciousness. With multiple whistles being played at once, a layering effect occurs to help bridge both hemispheres of the brain, also known as binaural beats.

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