Custom Ceramic and Glass
water-slide decals.


Overview of the custom decals I offer.

-Lowest price for this type of  decal.

-Food safe, dishwasher, and microwave safe.

-Fluxed surface and UV resistant.

-Apply on a glazed surface.

-Quick turn around time.


Custom Ceramic and Glass Decals are printed on glass paper using specially formulated pigment toners and developers. These water-slide decals have a fluxed surface. I cannot do metallic colors or print white for my decals. I can make them to so that they can be fired on glass ( for glass artists) between 1210- 1275 F.

I have a 1-2 day turnaround time and there is a minimum order of one decal sheet. If your file is setup to the specifications listed below, then there is no set up fee. Send your file to before you buy and I can make sure it's correct.


If you do not know how to setup the file, I can do it for you. Simply provide the images you wish to make into decals, along with their sizes. For this option, please send images, size info and quantity to I'll send you an invoice for pricing and you can pay via credit card. I charge $40 an hour for Photoshop work.


If you want to pick up the decals from me in West Seattle or Pike Place Market when I am working, select no shipping as the option in the checkout.


File Specifications: In Photoshop, set up canvas size to 208 x 295 mm (8.19 in x 11.61 in) with a 300-600 dpi resolution. Lower resolution or blurry images will yield a poor decal quality. You want to size your images to the actual size that you want them printed. Fill this area with your designs to maximize the space. Printable space is 200 mm x 285mm (7.9 in x 11.25 in) Black & white images should be in grayscale. Color images should be in "CMYK SWOP coated" profile. This CMYK profile will give you the best rendering on your screen of the color limitation of the decals. Save your file as .PSD. Click on print and have it in A4 setting for the paper size and check to make sure that everything fits within the printing area. Colors can change once I convert your file to my color profile for the decal printer and I will do my best to get it as close as possible.