Custom Ceramic Decals are printed using specially formulated mineral pigment toners. This photographic rendering uses CMYK,  for my printer, it's cyan, red, yellow, and black. I cannot do metallic colors or white with my ceramic decals. When used with light color glazes, the decals have a translucent appearance. The image will be based on the background of white. Since the printer does not print white, it will be clear in those sections. Compare it to comic books, where the color of the paper plays a part in the overall look of the image. Get creative! Go beyond white and see how it looks.

No Setup Costs!

There is a minimum order of one decal sheet. If your file is setup to the specifications listed, then there is NO SETUP FEE!

If you are somebody that knows me and I’m bringing the sheets to you, select no shipping as the option in the checkout.


Image Specifications: If your are unfamiliar with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or Acrobat, no worries. Just send me high quality image/s you want to be made into decals with the approximate sizes you want them to be. If you do know photoshop then you can set your file up in the following way. Set up a canvas size to 200 x 290 mm with a minimum of 300 dpi resolution to yield the best results. Lower resolution or blurry images will yield a poor decal quality. You want to size your images to the actual size that you want them printed. Printable area is 7.87in x 11.41 in or 20cm x 29cm. Fill this area with your designs to maximize the space and get the biggest bang for your buck. Black & white images should be in grayscale. Color images should be in "CMYK SWOP coated" profile. This CMYK profile will give you the best rendering on your screen of the color limitation of the ceramic decals. I recommend saving your file as .PDF, .PSD or .TIFF formats. Colors do change once I convert your file to my color profile for the decal printer and I will do my best to get it as close as possible.

Pricing for Custom Decals:

1 sheet                 $33 (minimum order)
2-10 sheets         $30 per sheet
11-20 sheets       $25 per sheet


For orders with 21 sheets or more, please contact me and I can give you a pricing.

Step 1- Send your images to If you are sending a file that is set up already, you will need to  use iCloud or Dropbox because of the size.


Step 2 - Select quantity and check out.

How to use:
To get the full color spectrum of these water-slide decals, they should be applied to a white glazed surface. A matte glaze will result in a more matte surface on the decal and a glossy glaze will be a more glassy surface, depending on what you fire to. They can be fired between 1500-1950 degrees Fahrenheit. You can fire them even hotter, but will loose some color in the firing. The hotter you fire, the more the image sinks into the glaze and the cooler you fire, the more it sits on the surface.  If you want the image to withstand the elements of freezing and thawing, fire onto a vitrified surface. Images are UV resistant, food safe, dish washer and microwave safe. They will stand the test of time. 

To start, do a test firing with a decal on the glazed surface you plan on using. You want to see if the glaze is compatible for refiring without bubbling.

To apply decal, first prepare the surface by cleaning and dampening. When ready, soak decal in warm water for 20-30 seconds. Next, take out of water and bring decal up to glazed surface. Hold onto paper underneath and slide decal into place and use a flexible rib to squeegee water out from underneath surface. You can also use a dry cloth to help remove water. Let dry then fire.
A basic firing schedule I like to use is the following: 
150 degrees per hour up to 1250
250 degrees per hour up to 1800 then
80 degrees per hour up to 1940.

Contact me for additional info and questions.

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