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Cascade Pass is one of my favorite hikes in Washington State. This piece is of an image that I took when I was there. I designed the layout in Photoshop and printed it using my ceramic decal printer that uses ceramic toners. I mounted the cut out images on commercial tile and fired them in my kiln. They are UV and scratch resistant and good for indoor/outdoor use. I have a couple options for finishing. You can purchase just the tile for incorporating them into a backsplash ot whatever. These would  be numbered and NOT mounted on anything. Or you can purchase this piece mounted on tile board, painted black with a hanging devise on back. I also do custom work in this design layout, so if you want me to create your own image in this design, I can do it. Just go to the custom design option located with my other items for sale. HxWxD=7.5"x12.25x.125". These are made to order, FYI.

Mosiac Tile of Cascade Pass, Washington

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