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Art tribute to Kurt Cobain-Wishkah Bridge Tile Magnet. 1.75"x3.75". Ceramic decal of the Wishkah Bridge fired on tile and bottom glaze made with clay from this site. Image is UV and scratch resistant so it will never fade over time. 


Kurt Cobain has been an artist and muscian I could relate with since I was a teenager. There are many parallels between his life and mine. When I visited this site, I took photographs and gathered some clay to create an art tribute to him. I made a glaze from the clay I gathered and incorporated it in with ceramic decals made from the photographs I took. I added the local clay glaze to the bottom portion of the tiles, the “Muddy Banks”. The bridge has been the subject of numerous accounts regarding the bridge as a once temporary home for Kurt Cobain. The location is also hinted toward in the lyrics of the song "Something In The Way". The walls of the bridge are completely covered in graffiti related to Cobain as well as Nirvana.

Kurt Cobain Wishkah Tile Magnet

SKU: Wishkah Magnet-001
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