4 Water slide ceramic decals celebrating the year of 2020. Made with the latest in ceramic toner technology and will never fade over time once fired on a glazed surface. For accurate color fire on a white glaze. Can be fired on other glaze colored surfaces but decal colors might change a bit.. Fire to cone 04 for best results. Can be fired hotter but you might loose some color past cone 1. Clean surface before applying. Soak in warm water for 20-30 seconds and gently slide decal onto glazed ceramic surface. Squeegee out any remaining water with a silicone rib. Let dry then fire in a kiln. Basic firing schedule is 150 degrees fahrenheit per hour up to 800, then 200 per hour to 1300 then MAX to 1940. Cool normally. HxWxD=2.25"x2"x.25x.1875"

4 Dumpster Fire 2020 Ceramic Decals

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