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Murals and backsplashes enhance your living space in a dramatic way. I believe that part of the art of living is living with art that you love! Here is a way that you can do it from a digital image, which is converted, printed with ceramic toners on a sheet of glass, then fired on ceramic tile. The finished image is embedded in a layer of glass, which is scratch proof and UV resistant, so it will never fade over time. Waterproof and outdoor options available.


Cost: $1 per square inch


If you want your mural mounted on tile board with a hanging system for easy install and removal,   it's $.50 more per square inch.


Send me the details of your project along with the image and I will get back to you with a quote and time frame.


My email is, which you can use to contact me directly, or go through the form below. Thank you!

Please inquire about your project

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