Tile Art and Custom work


Have you ever wanted a custom tile, mural or backsplash that will endure the test of time? I can make it for you!  I can print and fire your image on tile that will be scratch and UV resistant so it will never fade over time. I have a special ceramic decal printer that has been outfitted with the latest in ceramic toner technology.

When I create your piece, I will size your image to the mural specifications, then divide up your image into 3.95"x3.95" squares and print them onto a special decal paper that has glaze (glass) encapsulated in it. From here, I will cut up the decals and apply them to the tile, which will then be fired in a kiln to 1940 degrees Fahrenheit. Once cool, I will number them, package then ship. Simply send me a high resolution image and I will do the rest! Send your image to cmsceramics@yahoo.com.

Contact me for dimensions not listed. I charge 1$ per square inch of finished tile.

If you want your mural mounted on tile board with a hanging system so you can easily remove it and hang it again, it's $.50 more per square inch inch. Just let me that you want this feature and I'll send you an invoice for it. Also, the larger the mural, the higher resolution of image you will want to send.

Please note that overall colors can change in the conversion process. I have to convert your image in Photoshop to a special color profile designed specifically for my printer. I will send a proof of what it will look like before printing.

Contact me if you have any questions

Thanks for submitting!